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Gothic BA Records proudly presents “DEATHROCK EN ESPAÑOL”, the first album with deathrock bands and acts just in spanish.
This compilation is produced by Mauro Aguilar (Uxoria), the mind behind acts like “Uxor Mortis” and “Hasta la Muerte”.

01. 11 Desaparecidos – O.M.S.
02. Mekrokiev – Dentro
03. Los Carniceros del Norte – El Carnaval de las Almas
04. La Peste Negra – Miedo
05. Gorgonas – Olvido
06. Hasta la Muerte – Zombisexuales
07. Acid Bats – Criaturas
08. Eyaculación Post Mortem – Viva la Muerte
09. Espectros – El Hombre de la Bolsa (ensayo)
10. Hemoglobina – Turismo Sexual Vampírico
11. Dead Born Babies – La Hora Marcada
12. Carta desde el Psiquiátrico – Alienación (en vivo)
13. La Voz de tus Ausentes – Buscando Sueños
14. Naughty Zombies – Nuclear
15. Ultrastigma – Levantame de los Muertos
16. Electro Shock Therapy – EST (en vivo)
17. La Calle Morgue – La Frecuencia de las Aves
18. Kante Pinrélico – Corazón en Tinieblas
19. Txarly Usher – La chica del Puente
20. Alae Noctis – Fiesta en el Cementerio
21. Ectoplasmikos – San Simonia y San Mammon (demo)
22. La Morgue – Ataúd
23. Sinestësicos – Condenados
24. Jester La Juste – Luna Nueva
25. Buitres & Brujas – Nuestras Mentes estan Podridas
26. Frankenputa – ¡Me largo! Mi planeta me necesita



Uxor Mortis “Classica”

Artwork - 04 - Back

Gothic and Neo Classical act from Argentina, Uxor Mortis, is realesing it´s new work “Classica” via GOTHIC BA RECORDS.
“Classica” it´s a haunting and magical landscape of sounds, created, performed and composed by the genius of Uxoria Schemberger.

My Space: http://www.myspace.com/uxormortis
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Uxor-Mortis/70001259934?fref=ts



Orbitales Dark Sound “Sueño Nuklear” (2013) (GBR 4):


GOTHIC BA RECORDS presents a new release from dark industrial argentinian band Orbitales Dark Sound, “Sueño Nuklear”.
Apocalyptic sounds for the end of the days..

Orbitales Darksound:
Orbitales is born from a project undertaken initially by Maximiliano Telis (Lord Maximus), Javier and Curtis Vaccaro (guitar and drums) and the Negro Panno (bass). In the beginning the sound was Doom Metal, but with the departure of Panno, the style turns to gothic rock, which continues for a couple of years until they begin to experiment with technology, that drives the band to try a more industrial sound. With the impediment of Curtis to keep playing in the band, the use of synthesizers became the norm, and represents the current sound of Orbitales.

Now, Orbitales DarkSound is mutating to a more Harsh Electro Industrial and Aggro which is what is reflected in the new songs that are published in this work:



Orbitales Darksound – “Darksound” (2011) – (Gothic BA Records 3)



The Bakterium Liztheria Rey Predador (2011) – (Gothic BA Records 2)


Gothic BA “Echoes of Darkness Compilation Vol. 1” (GBAR 1)

As part of the celebrations of the first 10 years of Gothic BA, I.m very honored to introduce our first online compilation, “Echoes of Darkness Vol.1. “

With 18 tracks of bands from Argentina, Uruguay and France, this work brings sounds of different music genres that represent the dark scene today..

The playlist is:

1- Krishna – Schwarze Sonne
2- Uxor Mortis – El Perdón
3- Divina Encarnacion – Deseo
4 – Diræ – Ludic Fallacy (alone)
5 – Visioner – Sinfonia en Mi Nº 45
6 – RRRRRRR – She´s in Parties [BAUHAUS COVER, 2010]
7 – De la Orden Elizabeth – Universo
8 – FLOOD OF TEARS – Grietas
9 – Eternelle – Guilt And Atonement
10 – Moonlight Asylum – Hatred
11 – Euroshima – En el Norte
12 – Art Nouveau – Notredame
13 – Sagitario – Devotion (V.1)
14 – Chrisallys- Head Like a Hole (NIN Cover)
15 – Satan’s Night Out – The Night Falls
16 – Alien Produkt – The Next Chapter V1.1
17 – Verflucht – Nadie los obliga a ser Idiotas
18 – SCHULTZ – 24 Hours are not Enought (Remix by Traumatize)

I specially want to thank Ricardo Alien, who remasterd all songs except items 5, 10 and12.

Hadrian, Gothic BA




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