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Orbitales Dark Sound “Sueño Nuklear” (2013) (GBR 4)


GOTHIC BA RECORDS presents a new release from dark industrial argentinian band Orbitales Dark Sound, “Sueño Nuklear”.
Apocalyptic sounds for the end of the days..

Orbitales Darksound:
Orbitales is born from a project undertaken initially by Maximiliano Telis (Lord Maximus), Javier and Curtis Vaccaro (guitar and drums) and the Negro Panno (bass). In the beginning the sound was Doom Metal, but with the departure of Panno, the style turns to gothic rock, which continues for a couple of years until they begin to experiment with technology, that drives the band to try a more industrial sound. With the impediment of Curtis to keep playing in the band, the use of synthesizers became the norm, and represents the current sound of Orbitales.

Now, Orbitales DarkSound is mutating to a more Harsh Electro Industrial and Aggro which is what is reflected in the new songs that are published in this work:



About gothicba

Gothic BA is a club and promoter, also a news source of the dark scene in Buenos Aires, Argentina


One thought on “Orbitales Dark Sound “Sueño Nuklear” (2013) (GBR 4)

  1. muy buen sonido!

    Posted by RodrigoQras | February 9, 2013, 8:50 pm

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