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Gothic BA “Echoes of Darkness Compilation Vol. 1”

Gothic BA “Echoes of Darkness Compilation Vol. 1”

As part of the celebrations of the first 10 years of Gothic BA, I.m very honored to introduce our first online compilation, “Echoes of Darkness Vol.1. “

With 18 tracks of bands from Argentina, Uruguay and France, this work brings sounds of different music genres that represent the dark scene today..

The playlist is:

01- Krishna – Schwarze Sonne
02- Uxor Mortis – El Perdón
03- Divina Encarnacion – Deseo
04- Diræ – Ludic Fallacy (alone)
05- Visioner – Sinfonia en Mi Nº 45
06- RRRRRRR – She´s in Parties [BAUHAUS COVER, 2010]
07- De la Orden Elizabeth – Universo
08- FLOOD OF TEARS – Grietas
09- Eternelle – Guilt And Atonement
10- Moonlight Asylum – Hatred
11- Euroshima – En el Norte
12- Art Nouveau – Notredame
13- Sagitario – Devotion (V.1)
14- Chrisallys- Head Like a Hole (NIN Cover)
15- Satan’s Night Out – The Night Falls
16- Alien Produkt – The Next Chapter V1.1
17- Verflucht – Nadie los obliga a ser Idiotas
18- SCHULTZ – 24 Hours are not Enought (Remix by Traumatize)

I specially want to thank Ricardo Alien, who remasterd all songs except items 5, 10 and12.

Hadrian, Gothic BA



About gothicba

Gothic BA is a club and promoter, also a news source of the dark scene in Buenos Aires, Argentina


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